Monday, December 13, 2010


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This is the SIXTH DAY of Fully Booked's "Lucy's 12 Treats" Christmas offer! We are giving away one copy of  "Angels & Demons: Special Illustrated Edition" by Dan Brown (click on the title for a complete description). 
I remember an old professor of mine who was very much into the whole Dan Brown craze when The Da Vinci Code first came out. This professor of mine was actually my literature professor, and she was one of my favorite teachers because even if she was strict, we learned--well at least I'd like to think I did. We never really tackled Dan Brown in her class. She was responsible for my appreciation for classics I never thought I would pick up like Leo Tolstoy or  latter ones like F. Scott Fitzgerald. The reason I knew she liked Dan Brown was because I would always see a copy of one of his books peeking out of her stack of files, papers, and books that she would bring to class.

When you make your suggestion for your favorite professor, try to dig beneath the layers of what they actually taught and discover what among those, they actually has a real affinity for. 

We will be announcing the winner tomorrow (December 14, 2010)! Good luck and have fun!

Angels & Demons: Special Illustrated Edition by Dan Brown is published by Simon & Schuster. Special thanks to them for this treat!

*NOTE: This promotion is not applicable outside of the Philippines. This promotion only applies to Metro Manila and to provinces with Fully Booked branches, specifically: Cebu, Angeles City, and Clark Freeport Zone (Pampanga). Prizes can be claimed at Fully Booked Fort Bonifacio for winners who live in Metro Manila. For winners who live outside of Metro Manila,  prizes can be claimed at the Fully Booked branch nearest you. Prizes will not be delivered by Fully Booked.

*This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Any information Fully Booked gets is for proper prize distribution purposes only.

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