Friday, November 26, 2010


*Note: Please view the promo mechanics. They are listed below this image.

It is a real honor for me to be asked to pick the books for this Fully Booked Christmas offer. Fully Booked gave me the categories and asked me to pick titles that would match the categories they came up with.

I'm excited to be announcing this promo to Fully Booked's Facebook followers, which was created in order to give a BIG "Thank you!" for liking the Fully Booked fanpage, and for all the helpful comments, suggestions, and feedback since its inception.

Come the Christmas rush, people tend to forget the true meaning of Christmas--what with all the spending, rushing around, and mind-numbing  decision-making on what to get for who (I am raising my hand as a sign of my guilt here). Its nice to be able to help people make up their minds and sort of ease their stress via helpful gift suggestions. Yes, Christmas is a time for giving and that could come in any form as long as its not a negative one. Let's help each other enjoy the Holiday season, and help spread that infectious Christmas Spirit!! Happy Holidays, everyone!  

Here are the promo mechanics:

In the spirit of the 12 days of Christmas, I will randomly post 12 book suggestions on our Facebook NOTES TAB per day (spread out between November 30-December 23), each for a special category. One copy of each suggested title will be raffled off.

1. All you have to do is make your suggestion on the relevant Lucy's 12 Christmas Treats post, which is located in Facebook page's NOTES tab by recommending ANY book (made-up ones don’t count) that will serve as a fitting present for that particular category. 

2. Only one recommendation post per person is allowed for the particular category. 

3. The cut-off time for posting recommendations for that particular category will be at 11:59 p.m. of that same day it was posted.

4. The winners will be chosen randomly via  

5. The winner will be posted on Facebook the following day, along with the date that they can claim their prize.

Here is an example:
On the first day of Christmas I would give my Boxing Fanatic Uncle Pacman: Behind the Scenes with Manny Pacquiao the Greatest Pound-for-pound Fighter in the World by Gary Andrew Poole…What would you give your Uncle this Christmas?

Anna Santos: I would give “Muhammad Ali” by Jonathan A. Brown 

*NOTE: This promotion is not applicable outside of the Philippines. This promotion only applies to Metro Manila and to provinces with Fully Booked branches, specifically: Cebu, Angeles City, and Clark Freeport Zone (Pampanga). Prizes can be claimed at Fully Booked Fort Bonifacio for winners who live in Metro Manila. For winners who live outside of Metro Manila,  prizes can be claimed at the Fully Booked branch nearest you. Prizes will not be delivered by Fully Booked.

**This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Any information Fully Booked gets is for proper prize distribution only.

THAT'S SOME ONE-LINER: A Fully Booked Twitter-exclusive Promo


*The Playbook: Suit Up. Score Chicks. Be Awesome. by Barney Stinson with Matt Kuhn is not recommended for children. This promo is open to male and female participants, ages 18 and above.

Attention Fully Booked Twitter followers, here is an exclusive promo just for you tweeters that will challenge your innate capacity to be witty and humorous--in just 135 characters or less!

Are you a fan of the TV series How I Met Your Mother? Rather, are you a fan of Barney Stinson--dubbed "pick-up guru and all-around good guy?" Ever been at the receiving end of a bad pick-up line? Ever delivered one? Or more importantly, would you like to own a copy of The Playbook: Suit Up. Score Chicks. Be Awesome by the author's of the phenomenal The Bro Code? Well if you do, one WITTY and ORIGINAL pick-up line scores you a prize, and Fully Booked is giving away two copies of The Playbook to two deserving pick-up artists!

All you have to do is tweet your 135-character one-liner, including the hash tag #p_bk today (i.e. #p_bk Drop that zero, and get with the hero!), November 26, 2010. This is strictly a one-day promo. Any tweet made after 7:00 p.m. will not be eligible. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, November 30 via Twitter--of course! 

It doesn't matter if it will get you the girl or guy, its how hilarious and witty your one-liner is! Thanks to Simon and Schuster for the prizes!

Check out this video on The Playbook!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This is just going to be a very brief entry on something really cool I saw while skulking around the aisles again today. Fully Booked is now offering Bamboo bags for just P99! I believe this is in line with their eco campaign, which is still ongoing.

The material is unbelieveably soft, and the designs are really cute: a black graphic tree on white background, and the other, which is great for kids, is a bright green ladybug with the saying "I'm an Eco Bug!"

I'm sure both kids and adults would get a kick out of using these as their personal shopping carts! They can even take their purchases home in them, reducing the use of plastics (even if the plastic bags of Fully Booked are bio-degradable).

The awesome thing is everytime you use it to purchase something at Fully Booked, they donate five pesos towards the conservation of Pasig River, one of Manila's major waterways. Given the sorry state of the river, its heartening to know that you can help out by doing what book worms love best: hunting for great books to take home and read!

I'm waiting for more information on the specific foundation that Fully Booked is working with for this cool project. When I found out, I'll definitely do a post dedicated to them.

Monday, November 8, 2010

WIMPS RULE!: The Winning Entries of the "Who You Calling Wimpy?!" Contest

It is my great honor to present the winners of the "Who You Calling Wimpy?!" contest. Though I did not judge it, I was able to view the entries. Some were serious--even somber--and thought-provoking, others were funny and light, but ALL were unique and interesting. According to the panel, it was so difficult to choose from such great entries, let alone choose the grand prize recipient. Though I will not post the winning entries here as those have won the chance to be published in the Holiday issue of the December 2010-January 2011 issue of the Fully Booked Zine (this is given for FREE at Fully Booked regardless of whether you make a purchase or not), I would really like to post a few entries that really tickled my funny bone.

Before anything else, let me announce the winners of the "Who You Calling Wimpy?!" contest. Ladies and Gentlemen, wimps and bullies, Fully Booked was originally suppose to award just one person the grand prize, but has instead declared a tie. Hold your breaths:

The grand prize winners are: 

The runners-up are: 


Congratulations, Wimpy ones! Your entries rocked! Just so you know, here's the loot you get:

Grand prize winners:
The hardcover edition of the fifth installment, "The Ugly Truth" 
a box set (1-4) of the "Diary of the Wimpy Kid" series 
The Wimpy Kid "Do-It-Yourself Book" 
"The Ugly Truth" bookmarks, pins, and window cling, and your very own "The Ugly Truth" water bottle!

The paperback edition of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" 
The Wimpy Kid "Do-It-Yourself Book" 
"The Ugly Truth" bookmark, pin, and window cling

You may claim your prizes on November 15, 2010 (Monday) at the main branch of Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street. You will also be alerted by email, mobile/landline as to who to look for.

To the other contestants who e-mailed their wonderful entries, Fully Booked would like to present you with tokens of appreciation. You will also be alerted via e-mail. 

And now on to a few entries that I really liked:

1. Written by Gilliane Baesille M. Tantoco

October 22, 2010:
Best friends are awesome when it comes to horrid days.

My teacher gave back our test papers. Supposedly, everyone failed the exam. It was a surprise test. My teacher said, "Class, I'm disappointed in all of you, except Miss Detrite. She was the only one who excelled in this exam!" Everyone stared at me in rage. I slumped in my seat and blushed. My teacher continued. "To make up for your failing grades... You will all have extra credit projects due next week! Miss Detrite, of course, is exempted."

All of my classmates stared at me. I could feel all of them glaring, and I shifted uncomfortably on my seat.

During lunch, I walked to the table where my best friend, Charles, was. I held my lunch tray tightly as I heard some of my classmates murmur the words, "Geek", "Nerd", and "Dorky Detrite". I kept my head down. Was it my fault that I found the test simple? I had studied, after all!

I suddenly crashed down and landed face first in my food tray. I looked around and saw Mary, the head cheerleader, with her foot sticking out.

"Ooopsie!" she laughed. Her friends joined in. I cried as Charles rushed to me.
Charles helped me clean up and saw how distressed I was.

"Just ignore them; it'll die down,” he said. “They're just jealous you're a genius."

"Thanks," I said. We hugged and it made me feel way better.

Until next time,
Julienne Brawnson

2. Written by Tricia Joy L. Gervacio

OH MAN! It’s Georgia’s birthday tomorrow. You know, the prettiest and most popular girl in class? I should give her a gift and she would be as happy as a clam to receive a gift from a cool guy like me, and then I’ll score an invite to be her escort on her birthday party!

So I asked Mom money for it, but she said NO, I should pay for it! Man, I don’t have a real job yet to earn money! So I must think of something I can give WITHOUT paying for it.

I GOT A GREAT IDEA! I found a solo picture of me in a rockstar costume. I’ll be putting a note for her. I heard she got a huge crush on me when we’re gradeschoolers so she’ll be thrilled to bits with this!

Glenn, my best friend, met me at the hallway. He’s holding a big box with a big TO GEORGIA on it. Glenn asked me to hold his gift because he have to go potty. Just in time, Georgia passed by the hallway and I did not think twice of giving her the gift. I heard ‘oooohs’ and ‘ahhhhs’ and ‘awesome’ while I gave it to her. She smiled at me and said ‘Thanks. See yah at the party.’ SHE INVITED ME! HAH! I’M SO COOL!

I totally forgot about the picture. Anyway, I still got invited and that’s cool enough. Don’t mention it to Glenn, by the way.

3. Written by Rootbeer Marie Napiza
My name is up there--there!

This is definitely better than seeing Mr. Sunshine Cutie Pie in the hallway, better than having a thousand Chickenjoys in our dining table. I’ve passed the elimination round for this year’s math quiz bee! Hurrah!--if only my seatmates would stop claiming it’s impossible since I suck in arithmetic. It’s not tsamba, I want to snap at them, but I try to pretend like I’m calm, even if I could also hear them rooting for my seatmate, a quiet little lady whose mind works like a calculator. “You’re not going to win against her,” they say. Hmp.]

Dear God, Jesus, Mama Mary, Buddha, Athena, Zeus, I beg you. Help me make it. I promise to do my part--I will study hard just so I could get that pretty, shiny, medal, which, someday, I would show off to my grandchildren. “Your grandmother (ahem, ahem!) used to be a math quiz bee champion!”

And so it ends… my dream.
Okay, the buzzer was too fast. It rang every time I was just about to finish bits of my solutions. Phreeeeeet! Just when I was about to write down my answers. Phreeeeeet!

I only got one question right, five points for the whole quiz bee. Ms. Calculator got ninety.

Sob. Ma says she loves me. Don’t worry Ma, I’m okay, I will be better. Next year, I will not let you down.
Hmmm… I wonder if we’ll be having Chickenjoy tonight.

4. Written by Jan Vincent Hao

Dear Diary,

Today is Valentine's Day.  Everybody's wearing red, people tweeting cheesy lines, happy faces painted everywhere.  But today, HORROR!!!

It all started during OpMan Class.  People were still dazed and confused with yesterday's lesson.  I don't have a problem with that since I did a little research in the library hours before class.  Then, there was a knock on the door.  There was this guy who brought a rose and a guitar.  I sensed that someone will get serenaded, so I said to my seatmate, "sucks being that person."  Then, the professor uttered, "He's looking for Bintoy, is he here?"  The moment I heard my name, I kinda panicked.  Who the hell would do such stupidity?

I don't know what happened next.  All I remember is that I planted my face on the table while the guy sang "Akin Ka Na Lang."  This was the most embarrassing thing that happened in my entire life.  Everybody was laughing and giggling about the whole thing.  Then, I knew something was up since this serenade thing is an Ateneo Valentines thing where you pay them to get someone serenaded in his/her classroom.   I will stop at nothing to find out who's the culprit.  I think it's Berna, Wella, Christy or Ian Roy.  I guess I have to find out tomorrow since I have to study.  Revenge is always sweet.

I thought these were great entries. I would post everything else here, but that would probably make this the longest blog entry to date :)

Congratulations, everybody! Watch out for more in-store, Facebook, and Twitter promotions from Fully Booked!!

And a big THANK YOU to Hachette Book Group, publisher of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, for all the fab prizes!