Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This is just going to be a very brief entry on something really cool I saw while skulking around the aisles again today. Fully Booked is now offering Bamboo bags for just P99! I believe this is in line with their eco campaign, which is still ongoing.

The material is unbelieveably soft, and the designs are really cute: a black graphic tree on white background, and the other, which is great for kids, is a bright green ladybug with the saying "I'm an Eco Bug!"

I'm sure both kids and adults would get a kick out of using these as their personal shopping carts! They can even take their purchases home in them, reducing the use of plastics (even if the plastic bags of Fully Booked are bio-degradable).

The awesome thing is everytime you use it to purchase something at Fully Booked, they donate five pesos towards the conservation of Pasig River, one of Manila's major waterways. Given the sorry state of the river, its heartening to know that you can help out by doing what book worms love best: hunting for great books to take home and read!

I'm waiting for more information on the specific foundation that Fully Booked is working with for this cool project. When I found out, I'll definitely do a post dedicated to them.

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  1. Nice! I'm planning to get one for the Great Grocery Bag Exchange event that I signed up for. It's an event where book bloggers from other countries get swap green bags. :)