Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What's on Sale?

I was able to take a peek into what Fully Booked is putting on sale in their Fort branch this week! I love book sales. I love the random books I find in them that always, for some reason, come in handy for future use. Whether I pick up a travel book that I use for a future trip, or a popular classics title that takes me weeks to finish, I always feel like I get more than my money's worth!

 Some travel books are on sale for P50! Though they're not updated, I'm sure some tourist spots will always remain a must-see in big cities like London, Boston and New York.

 Another long table of P50 books! 

 Hardbound copies go for P100 only! 
That's almost just 10% of what I would usually spend on a nice, hardbound book. 

 This table got me really excited! Cookbooks and some design books for 60%-90% off!!

 Calendars are going for 90% off as well. I feel like buying them all and making a huge collage! I spotted an Edward Hopper 2010 one... Might just get it so I can imagine I own one of his paintings!!

The Fully Booked sale in the Fort branch is for Discount Card holders only from today until tomorrow. It will be open to the public on Thursday and runs until next week! See you at the Forum! :-)

For more details, visit www.fullybookedonline.com.


  1. good thing I'm on leave on Thursday, I'm looking forward to get some great finds for less :D

  2. Meow, hope you had a good time!! :-)