Friday, October 7, 2011

BOOK PEEK: George Harrison: Living in a Material World

I don't think anyone can ever say they are too young for The Beatles. Even for someone like me, who didn't live during the pinnacle of their fame, The Beatles will always be a monument of rock music, a quartet of musicians that meshed so well musically.

Just a few days ago, Martin Scorsese's documentary on the life of the late George Harrison, Living in a Material World debuted on HBO in the UK and the US, and that was just about the time I spotted two books about the band, on the fourth floor of our Fort branch: John, Paul, George, Ringo & Me by Tony Barrow, and George Harrison: Living in a Material World.

The first title, penned by the band's former Press Officer, is a retelling of how the author knew the Beatles the best, and how the four boys from Liverpool lived during their most famous days.  I haven't been able to browse through it so much yet, but I've already taken so much time today just looking through the second book! Edited and curated by Harrison's widow, Olivia Harrison, George Harrison: Living in a Material World compiles the quiet Beatle's most reflective quotes, most personal moments and most memorable relationships as told by the people who knew him best. Here is a book peek into the 400-page coffee table book that I can't seem to stop looking through over and over again:

A stolen shot, a golden moment, one with Bob Dylan!

 A billboard for one of his solo albums with the same title as the book and documentary. 

 A memory written on a folded napkin: With many old letters and scanned tickets from his concerts, Living in a Material World documents Harrison's life in such poignant detail. 

Lastly, the most interesting part of the book: that it contains Harrison's personal photographs, those that he took to record his life, those that others took with his camera. Here, he is with Eric Clapton in a garden, in what looks to be a legendary moment lost in time. 

I leave you now with the trailer for the documentary, and wait and pray that HBO Philippines shows it as well!

George Harrison: Living in a Material World by Olivia Harrison, is available at P1899 in select Fully Booked branches.  John, Paul, George, Ringo & Me by Tony Barrow is also available at P1099.  Check for more details.