Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Santa's Many Faces

We just finished setting up the windows and in-store displays for all the Metro Manila stores (nationwide very soon!), and all I can see when I walk around the store is Santa! Take a look at a few of my favorite ones in our different branches:

 Pixel Santa stays with the artist and musicians in the 4th floor of the Fort branch. 

 Black and White Santa stays with him, too!
(Spotted in the background: The faceless Santas, perfect for picture-taking!) 

Graphic-Tee Santa and Classic Santa welcome customers at the 3rd floor, 

 ...while Zombie Santa tries to scare kids away at the 2nd floor! 

 Wish List Santa watches over kids in the 2nd floor, and makes his list of who was naughty or nice this year!

 Scribble Santa is also right where the young ones are!

 Snooty Santa stays right by the calendars and planners! 

 Superman Santa is everywhere -- here he's pictured in our Trinoma branch!

Espionage Santa is practicing the skills he needs for dropping down chimneys! Here he is at our Eastwood branch. 

Round Santa, Brown-Beard Santa and the tiny Robot Santa are all fixtures that greet you as you walk down to the Fort Basement!

And almost everyone gathers to greet passers-by a happy holiday season as they walk by our stores!

 Which one is your favorite Santa? Which one is your favorite from the ones not featured in this entry? :-) I would love to hear about which ones you like, and see your pictures from our faceless Santas! :-)


  1. I LOVE THE LAST PHOTO! Is that in The Fort branch? I haven't visited there in a while!

  2. Yes it is!! :-) Come visit us! :-)

  3. I just went last time to one of your branches at TRINOMA and I saw those SANTAS there, much cuter in person. :) And should say that u really did a good job for those SANTA decors.. :) I love ur store! :) What is your biggest branch by the way??

  4. You're so sweet! Thank you! We will let our designers know you like them! :-) Our biggest branch is the Fort, which is where most of these pictures were taken! :-) Drop by, there are a lot more Santas there!!

  5. Wow, and where exactly the "FORT" is? please tell me.. is that near Mall of Asia. and hey, tell the creator that I, Denn Levy, really loved the santas and tell FULLYBOOKED that I love their store! :) I wish u all more powers!

  6. Hi thecastlehogwarts! Thank you so much for your kind words! The Fort is in Taguig, which is northeast of Mall of Asia! From Mall of Asia, you may go on EDSA north bound until you hit the Makati area! Then, when you're near Ayala Center, make a right at McKinley Road (You'll see a Shell gas station) and go straight all the way until you get to the Fort! You'll see the the sign, a group of letters "BGC" (which stands for Bonifacio Global City, also part of the Fort), that welcomes you! :-)

  7. Hope you can drop by!! :-) Thanks again!!