Friday, November 25, 2011

Gift Guide 2011 Parts 3 and 4: Presents Perfect for a Professional and a Sportsman's Special Something

This week's gift guide zeroes in on all the focused and determine folk in our lives. Whether they are putting their energy into work or into play, these are the people we remember when we see a new book about an athlete or business strategist. Here are the token titles and items I think would be a great addition to their repertoire! 

First, we recommend some of our new business titles: The End of Business as Usual by Brian Solis, provides the point of view of running a business by letting consumers help define your brand, while You, Inc.: The Art of Selling Yourself  would be great help for the aspiring creative entrepreneur. One of the year's best sellers, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is definitely one of our recommendations, especially for those who want to build their own empire. 

If you'd rather give them fun tokens they can use in the office or anywhere at work, we have a sleek, red Moleskine planner, a notepad of things to accomplish by the fun folk at Knock Knock, and a large, black Moleskine planner for those with a lot on their minds! A lot more versions of the Moleskine planners are also available in the stores.
1.  Everything I Know about Business I Learned from the Grateful Dead: The Ten MostInnovative Lessons from a Long, Strange Trip by Barry Barnes, PhD, P999; 2. Moleskine Red Weekly Notebook Diary/Planner 2012, P1290; 3. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, P1275; 4. Accomplish: Knock Knock Tables More Than Just a Pad, P450; 5. The End of Business As Usual: Rewire the Way Your Work to Succeed in the Consumer Revolution by Brian Solis, P1123; 6. Moleskine Large Weekly Diary/Planner 2012, P1999; 7. You ,Inc.: The Art of Selling Yourself by Harry Beckwith and Christine K. Clifford, P599. 

 Another of the year's best sellers is Brandwashed by Martin Lindstrom. We also have a new, illustrated edition of The Art of War for the determined businessman who returns to this title year after year. The Zappos Experience is a new title, and one that is a must-read for anyone looking to follow in the footsteps of the online shopping powerhouse. 

Fun office items are also always a treat: a set of labelled stickies to organize files, a Pro/Con stickies list when one makes business decisions, a sleek brown Moleskine mini-planner, and a desk calendar based on the best seller Don't Sweat the Small Stuff  for anyone dealing with work stress. A pretty calendar with Edward Hopper's art can also brighten up and relax any workspace! 

1.  Brandwashed by Martin Lindstrom, P760; 2. The Art of War: The New Illustrated Edition by Sun Tzu, P940; 3. The Zappos Experience: 5 Principles to Inspire, Engage and Wow, P1199; 4. Moleskine Large Weekly Diary/Planner 2012, P1999; 5. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff 2012 Day to Day Calendar, P588; 6. Do, Note, File, Read, Send, Burn: Actions Stickies Set by Knock Knock, P650; 7. Pro/Con Stickies by Knock Knock, P150; 8. Sticky Flags by Knock Knock, P299; 9. Moleskine Brown Weekly Diary/Planner 2012, P450; 10, Edward Hopper 2012 small calendar, P648. 

For more physically active friends, we have an inspired autobiography by one of the most popular athletes today: Rafa: My Story by tennis sensation Rafael Nadal. The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises (as well as other titles in this series) isn't new, but it's one that is slowly becoming a staple in our best seller list! We also have The WWE Championship book, and a book about water and its importance to our health.  How to Watch the Olympics is also available for the sports buff that is excited for the 2012 London event. 

We also have desk and wall calendars for fans, some dedicated to a specific sport, while others about athletics in general! 

1.  Water: For Health, for Healing, for Life, P599; 2. Golf Quips, Quotes (and of course), Jokes 2012 Page-a-Day Calendar, P585; 3. Rafa: My Story, P1135; 4. The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises, P999; 5. The WWE Championship, P640; 6. 365 Sports Facts-A-Year 2012, P585; 7. Hoops 2012 Calendar, P720; 8. How to Watch the Olympics, P699; 9. 501 Must Drive Cars, P699.

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