Friday, December 2, 2011

Gift Guide 2011 Part 6: For the Fun Foodie

The Christmas season isn't complete without gastronomical delights! With all the Noche Buena celebrations, family lunches and get-togethers with friends, we are bound to need a cookbook and kitchen accessory or two in the next month. Plus, the taste craze is at an all-time high, with friends left and right trying their hand at baking and cooking their favorite treats. Here are some gift suggestions for the fun foodie in all of us! 

First, we recommend new arrivals from our cookery section, and for food bloggers, Food Rules: An Eater's Manual may make for good gastronomical literature, as it compiles entries from other food writers. 

We also have cute items from Joseph Joseph and Fred and Friends, and some notepads custom made for the kitchen! 

1.  Joseph Joseph Food Preparation Set, P2799; 2. Good Eats 3 by Alton Brown, P1599; 3. What to Eat Magnetic Pad by Knock Knock, P299; 4. Joseph Joseph QuickSnap Easy-Release Ice Tray, P599; 5. Avian Friends Magnetic Pad, P225; 6. Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan, P950; 7. Kitchen on Fire: Mastering the Art of Cooking in 12 Weeks (or Less), P1575; 8. Recipe Notes Stickies by Knock Knock, P150; 9. Joseph Joseph Magentic Measuring Spoon in Green, P299; 10. Small Sweet Treats, P799; 11. Pink Joseph Joseph Food Colander, P1099; 12. Skinny Bitch 2012 Desk Calendar,  P585; 13. Yellow Fred and Friends Pac-Man HotHeads Pot Holder, P799; 14. Red Fred and Friends Cold Blooded Silicone Ice Tray, P450. 

In this second bunch of gift suggestions, we want to highlight one of the year's latest releases: Bake Me a Cake by Sugarhouse proprietor Chef Ginny Roxes de Guzman. Anyone who loved that restaurant would love the tasty treats Chef Ginny teaches us how to make.

Again, more titles and kitchen accessories are all the craze for cuteness in cooking items.

1.  Joseph Joseph White Square Colander, P699; 2. Crocodile Can Opener, P699; 3. Fred and Friends Ice Kabobs, P450; 4. Reinventing Food: Ferran Adria: The Man Who Changed the Way We Eat by Coleman Andrews, P1796; 5. 1000 Recipes for Simple Family Food, P639; 6. Fred and Friends Pastasaurus, P450; 7. All Out Of Pad by Knock Knock, P299; 8. Bake Me a Cake by Ginny Roces de Guzman, P1199; 9. Joseph Joseph Chop 2 Pot: The Original Folding Chopping Board in Pink (Large), P1099; 10. Joseph Joseph Y Grinder Twin Chamber Salt and Pepper Mill (White), P2399; 11. Joseph Joseph Magnetic Measuring Spoon in Pink, P299; 12. Wine Journal: Record Your Favorites by Hugh Johnson, P940; 13. Good Housekeeping Cook’s Collection: Over 1000 Recipes for Every Occasion, P799; 14.  Pizza Shark Pizza Cutter, P699; 15. Fred and Friends Citrusaw: Bottle Opener with a Twist, P350; 16. Kitchen Collage Sticky Notes Set, P450. 

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