Friday, October 8, 2010

Books Aside: Sometimes it's the Small Stuff that Counts (Part 1)

I've always enjoyed receiving small presents. As a child, I far preferred getting an assortment of little gifts to one big one--regardless of whether it was a bicycle or a big doll. Up to this day, I'm the only one in my family whose face still lights up when its time to ransack the tree (or rather what's under it) on Christmas Eve, and nevermind if all the gifts don't belong to me; tokens from my mom's business associates. My family pretty much sits around making fun of me ripping open each present, rolling their eyes at each other, silently wondering: "When is she going to outgrow this?"

This brought me to my decision to deviate from my usual modus opernadi while at Fully Booked (which is poking my nose in as many books as possible). A little-known fact is how many cool "non-book" things there are in Fully Booked--besides the collectibles (it's pretty hard to miss those!). Think quality art materials, everything from pens to erasers to pencil cases to magnets, bags, iPod, iPhone, and laptop covers. Actually, even a trip to the children's section will yield a host of finds, all designed to keep your kids happy and busy, and I'm not talking books here.

Here are some cool finds that made my inner child jump around like it just ate a whole bowl of candy corn:

1. With Halloween coming up, I couldn't help but be drawn to these self-inking stamps (self-inking meaning you don't need a stamp pad).

Cute, huh? You know what's even cuter? Two things: one, when you stamp, the faces change (there are four different face designs). Look at the photo below. It's the same set of stamps as the one above.

Two: they wobble! Also, since they are self-inking stamps, you don't need to buy a stamp pad. This is something that I would have loved to find in my Halloween loot bag when I was younger (Confession: I still go trick or treating but I wear a mask so nobody tells me off for not acting my age. He he he!). Check out the designs!

2. I simply adore planners. I remember when Fully Booked first brought in the Moleskine! I went nuts I think. I'm not as ga-ga over them anymore as they can be found just about anywhere nowadays, but pretty much nothing can ever make me feel that way about the classic Teneus planner. I think technology is great and all, but somehow, I don't think I'll ever trade my planner in for one of those Blackberry-type things, even if they are really cool. Fully Booked got their stock of planners early this year. Here is what I chose for myself as an early New Year present!

I really like Art Noveau, especially Toulouse-Lautrec's work. Seeing this got me excited for 2011. I'm hopeful its going to be a great year for the country.

3. Remember those slap bracelets from a couple of years back? Well, this Slap On Watch pretty much did the job of reminding me how much I loved those as a kid.

The watch is made from pretty durable material, and comes in white, blue and pink (this tangerine one is my favorite though). The analog display gives it that classic feel, but the strap makes it a fun accessory.

4. Okay. I know what I'm getting my lola for her birthday this November!
In case you can't see the fine print it says: "Greatest Grandma Award: Always caring, loving and wise, your joy for life and your wisdom are a motivation to everyone around you. Thank you for all your hugs. You are the greatest Grandma in the whole wide world. You're worth your weight in gold!" My sentiments exactly. I love my lola! She can wear it:
(This isn't my lola. It's one of my buds pretending to be my lola. He he!)

Or, she can display it proudly on her dresser like so:

Not your grandma's special day? Don't you fret. This comes in different inscriptions dedicated to your best friend, mom, or dad, etc.

5. Bulgogi, Kimchi, funky fashion, and the digi-perm--just a few of the many awesome things Korea has given the world. The one thing I love most is their stationary. Fully Booked carries this Korean stationary brand called Pansydaisy. Their series called Magic Soup Diary features cute redheads (who looks a lot like Little Orphan Annie, if you ask me). I picked a hardbound diary:
 ...with blank pages and ribbon bookmark!

I also found this cute calling card holder:
 ...for all my important contacts.
And last but definitely not least, this cute lined notebook: write down all my random thoughts instead of constantly muttering to myself all the time.
They look even better as a set! He he he!
6. Another brand that was introduced to the local market some years ago by Fully Booked is Miquelrius, which has several sub-brands like: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Jordi Labanda, but my all-time favorite is really Kukuxumusu! I love animals, and this brand renders them in such a humorous way. I just had to have this awesome backpack (even if it would look cooler on one of my little neices or nephews)
This isn't me, by the way. It is another friend modeling my purchase! (I'm sure she is going to end up borrowing this sooner or later!)
And this ends part 1 of my Books Aside entry. Watch out for part 2, which is going to cover more practical (but not any less cool) items.
Oh, and in reply to my awesome--and patient--family's unspoken question: "Never."


  1. These are so cute! I love perusing the non-book items at the Fullybooked stores as well.

    Love the self-inking stamps and the bag and the pansydaisy lined notebook (I am a Moleskine lover and love my notebooks, diary and the bound watercolor folio - but sometimes I want something colorful and funky) and for my friends' whatever not (birthdays, anniversaries, tell them I love them) I always get a Teneus planner.

    I will be in Manila on the 2nd of November, I hope that some of the Halloween-themed items would still be available. Sigh.

  2. Thanks for featuring these. I already got a Magic Soup Diary bag and notebook -- and yes, they look better as a set!

  3. I want those Magic Soup Diaries! I'll probably head to the nearest Fully Booked store soon. Thanks for sharing.